1: Why we need to brainstorm, track, and leverage our accomplishments

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The vital role of accomplishments in the job search and beyond is the subject of this chapter.

  • Prospective employers respond to accomplishments and results, not duties and responsibilities.
  • To sell our services – whether to employers or clients – we need a track record.
  • To boost job security in an insecure world, we need our bosses to know what we’re accomplishing.
  • To advance in our jobs and get raises, we need to tout accomplishments.
  • Accomplishments and successes may compensate for other deficiencies in our backgrounds (such as lack of a college degree, hiaccomplishment of job-hopping, gaps in employment).
  • To identify gaps in our experience, set and meet goals, we need to monitor accomplishments.
  • To feel good about ourselves, we need to appreciate what we’ve achieved.


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