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Whether you are a job seeker, entrepreneur or employee, the ability to describe your accomplishments concisely and passionately will move you forward in your career. The book, You Are More Accomplished Than You Think: How To Brainstorm Your Achievements For Career And Life Success, gives you tools, examples, information, and worksheets to help you define and describe your accomplishments. You may know your accomplishments without understanding how to describe and build on those accomplishments. This book will show you how. You Are More Accomplished Than You Think: How To Brainstorm Your Achievements For Career And Life Success, by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. will give you clear concise information and the tools you need to frame your accomplishments. As the author states, “You are more accomplished than you think.”

Nancy J. Miller, M.S., Career Counselor, Creativity Coach,
Fire Up Your Profile for LifeWork Success

This is an important, practical, and engaging book. There are 233 insightful questions. You’ll put it down having a clear sense of all of your accomplishments – ones that really matter to employers and investors, and that you may have never framed as such before. The chapter on how to quantity your accomplishments is crucial. The book is an efficient tool for an effective understanding of how effective you’ve been – and will be in the future. I’m also recommending it to every young person I know who is about to enter the workforce.

– Thaler Pekar, consultant, speaker, and leading voice in the field of organizational narrative, ethical storysharing, and communication


Are you trying to find a way to catch the eye of a prospective employer? Use the tools within this book to clarify and then quantify your accomplishments so that they can be the key that helps you to unlock new employment. With years of experience to guide her the author takes the reader step by step through the process of discovering what an accomplishment is, why it matters and how to use your accomplishments to leverage into a new job or into better job security. An excellent tool for job seekers or for people who want to get a really good grip on what makes them a catch.

– Lisa, Amazon buyer

Dr. Hansen’s writing is well organized and reader-friendly. I recommend it to all my graduate students … don’t sell yourself short. Wish I had this book 20 years ago.

– Anne Bedwinek, PhD, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Graduate Faculty, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

A fabulous resource!

– Barb Poole, President at Hire Imaging LLC


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