Take the Accomplishments Pre-Test

Let’s begin by looking at how you’re feeling about your accomplishments. Answer true or false to these statements:

I consider myself an accomplished person.

If asked today to state my proudest accomplishment, I can readily provide a detailed response.

If I lost my job today and had to update my resume, I could fill it with rich, results-driven accomplishments.

I know how to quantify many of my accomplishments.

I understand the best ways to frame my accomplishments so I can communicate them to best advantage.

I am comfortable talking about my accomplishments – in networking, interviews, and other oral situations.

I know what tools to use to brainstorm my accomplishments.

I regularly share my accomplishments with my boss.

I have a plan in place to regularly monitor, track, and self-report my accomplishments.

As I review my accomplishments, I set goals for the future.

If you had more “false” answers than “true” answers, you can expect to tip the balance the other way after reading this book.

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